Saturday, 21 February 2009

continuing the love theme...

After our low key celebrations of Valentines Day, it was time for the love theme to continue this week, as it was our wedding anniversary on the 16th. Married for 13 years now - which on one hand seems a lifetime, (in fact just a little over a third of my life) but in other ways seems a mere blink of an eye. We celebrated in our understated way, with a trip to the beach and a walk along the coast.


There's something so nice about a trip to the beach in Winter don't you think?

anniversary beach

Especially when there are no other people about and the sun decides to come out just when you least expect it.

anniversary birds

A lunch of fish and chips followed, with a return home to cups of tea and macarons. I finally managed to track down some macarons and was a teensy bit underwhelmed by them but I guess that's what happens when you have this idea of what they would taste like from just looking at photos! No matter, we still had a lovely day with gifts, cards and best of all, just enjoying the simple pleasures of the day...
driving love


Melissa said...

what exquisite photos- i especially love the birds. you have a talent!

Leslie said...

i love the hearts. how did you do that?!!?!?