Monday, 29 March 2010

38 things to do before i turn 39...

Today is my birthday and in the tradition of many before me, I thought a list was in order...
38 things to do before I turn 39...
* do the 365 project again (starting today!)
* dance until dawn
* have a spend free month
* organise a swap
* learn to drive, (I know, I've got to this age without learning!)
* keep an inspiration journal
* get to grips with photoshop
* buy vintage
* say yes to all opportunities
* write a snail mail letter a month
* make an item of clothing
* shoot some film
* make a quilt
* travel somewhere new
* shoot a wedding
* do a photographic collaboration (anyone fancy doing this-let me know!)
* try a new recipe a month
* make a cutting garden
* do something unexpected
* take a midnight walk
* watch the sunrise at the beach
* have an indulgent weekend at home
* sort out some playlists for my ipod
* give something away
* get another tattoo
* experiment with night time photography
* do a mini detox
* have a picnic on a beach
* enter a photography competition
* visit a museum
* go to a gig
* learn to meditate
* finally get around to reading Anna Karenina
* take part in something global
* do a month of daily blogging
* learn something new
* send a postcard to postsecret
* plant a tree

Sunday, 28 March 2010

lights out...

So 8.30pm arrived last night and Earth hour was upon us. I used the time to play with my camera in the dark with only candles for light...
earth hour1
Check out this youtube link to watch famous landmarks all over the world switching off their lights...

Friday, 26 March 2010

earth hour...

This Saturday, I'll be switching off at 8.30pm to support Earth Hour. Last year it was fantastic looking at some of the photos and videos of major institutions all around the world switching off their lights...

Earth Hour 27 March 2010

Click on the link and see what it's all about...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring Zing...

I'm getting carried away with the fact that Spring is upon us. Just have a little more light is so lovely, even if the sun is not exactly shining but still...
photo wall spring
spring copy
Now is the time when I'm starting to think of sorting through my photos and organising them - when really, all I want to do is stick them on the wall with Japanese masking tape!

Monday, 22 March 2010

spring pretty...


Ok, I confess - the promise of Spring was all it took to indulge in this pretty vintage style dress from Topshop.Of course the fact that we hardly ever get any sun in the UK is no hurdle, I'm thinking if all else fails I can always rock it with a pair of leggings and a little cardigan!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

mid week snippets...




:: New buds on trees in glimmering light
:: Home made soup from this amazing blog
:: Afternoon light on a journey home

I love this time of year when everything starts to wake up again...

Monday, 15 March 2010

dreaming of flying...

I'm currently obsessing about birds - especially if they're in full flight just freewheeling - or in trees silhouetted against a cloudy sky.
I think this is mainly because I'm still having a little trouble with my back and can't exercise yet. I'm longing to go for a run or jump about and birds in flight just seem to be the ultimate in freedom - something to do with all that swooping about...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

fruit love...

I'm trying to make an effort to eat more fruit at the moment. For all I have a fairly healthy diet and the fruit bowl is always full, I never really think to eat it, even though I do actually like fruit.

apple love
In truth, I think I prefer to photograph it than eat it but I'm trying!

Monday, 8 March 2010

bits of the weekend...

It's been a quiet one this weekend as I'm still taking it easy but there have been some lovely things...
:: Enjoying a glimmer of sunshine which makes me think that Spring will be here soon.
:: I came across this site 500 pencils which looks amazing. Check out the storage 'swoon'.
:: Looking at this site and deciding what seeds to grow.
:: Deciding what to cook first from A Homemade Life and yes I have read it from cover to cover!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

the kindness of strangers...

Although last week was, 'one of those weeks' when quite a bit went wrong, (did I mention that I also managed to get a dvd stuck in my imac for 4 days?) there was some good stuff also.
A couple of weeks ago on this post i said how much I wanted this gorgeous book. A day or two after the post, I got an email from a lovely swedish blogger called Maria, who said she could make me happy, as she had this book but as she had so many books she would be glad to send it to me. Wow! Such generosity from someone who doesn't even really know me.
I emailed back to say 'thank you' but as I expected the postage would be expensive, (it's a hardback book) I asked Maria if she fancied doing a swap and I would send her some crafty goodies. She thought this would be lovely but put in her email that she hadn't expected anything in return.
So this is how this lovely book ended up in my mail this week and it couldn't have come at a better time as i've spent most of the week in bed with a sore back. Oh and what a book it is, such wonderful writing and the recipes look so delicious.

So thank you Maria for your kindness and your lovely postcard that came with the book.Oh and if you're reading this, your goodies are on their way...