Monday, 29 March 2010

38 things to do before i turn 39...

Today is my birthday and in the tradition of many before me, I thought a list was in order...
38 things to do before I turn 39...
* do the 365 project again (starting today!)
* dance until dawn
* have a spend free month
* organise a swap
* learn to drive, (I know, I've got to this age without learning!)
* keep an inspiration journal
* get to grips with photoshop
* buy vintage
* say yes to all opportunities
* write a snail mail letter a month
* make an item of clothing
* shoot some film
* make a quilt
* travel somewhere new
* shoot a wedding
* do a photographic collaboration (anyone fancy doing this-let me know!)
* try a new recipe a month
* make a cutting garden
* do something unexpected
* take a midnight walk
* watch the sunrise at the beach
* have an indulgent weekend at home
* sort out some playlists for my ipod
* give something away
* get another tattoo
* experiment with night time photography
* do a mini detox
* have a picnic on a beach
* enter a photography competition
* visit a museum
* go to a gig
* learn to meditate
* finally get around to reading Anna Karenina
* take part in something global
* do a month of daily blogging
* learn something new
* send a postcard to postsecret
* plant a tree


Casie said...

Well, firstly, Happy Birthday!! I hope you have/had a lovely day.

What a list you've got there. Some challenges indeed. I look forward to the journey.

Char said...

happy happy birthday! hope it was a wonderful day.

great list - i like that have challenges and fun things to do

Villimey said...

Happy Birthday!

What a wonderful year you will have with a list like that.

Christina said...

Happy birthday, my dear friend! And you can always count on me, for a blog swap!
I adore this list and YOU!

Catherine said...

Happy birthday Jac! Great list and an exciting one too! I love the idea of a swap, and a photo collaboration sounds interesting, I would be keen. I hope you had a wonderful day!

libby said...

hope you had a magnificent birthday!
best wishes for your new year.

i love love love this list. inspired to make my own...

hearts, libby

p.s. thank you for your kind visits to my blog! :)

Shell said...

Happy birthday! Your list is great, there's so much different stuff on there! I might adopt a few myself :-)

stephanie said...

I love this list. A nice mix of items. I have a list of things I need to do before I hit 29 and then another list for before I turn 30.

margieandkath said...

what i love about these lists is the inspiration. i read them and say, oh yeah, i am so doing that!!!

ELK said...

happy happy day was had I hope...keep that list front an d center!!