Saturday, 29 August 2009

this week...

Has been all about chilling, after my previous hectic week and lack of sleep! I think now that summer is coming to an end I'm starting to think more about making and looking for inspiration while the sun is still around.

Thinking of pretty things leads me to good news. The lovely Rachel from Heart of Light has opened an Etsy shop, yep you heard right and about time too! She has so many beautiful handmade headbands for sale and oh so pretty...

Heart Of Light on Etsy

Heart of Light on Etsy

If you're quick enough, this lovely may still be available because who doesn't need a ruffley headband! Oh and she can also make all the headbands into belt sizes as well...

Recently I've been thinking that I'd like to try and make my own clothing, so this week I've bought a vintage clothing pattern from 13th Faerie on Etsy. There are so many lovely vintage patterns on Etsy that they're worth looking at just for the illustrations.

I figured I'd better try and start off simple, as my knowledge of dress making is pretty non existant and it was the words 'Simple to Sew' that sold me! I'm thinking I might make this shorter than the pattern suggests and maybe lower the neck line a little. Ho hum, perhaps I should actually wait and see how complicated this looks before I start making my own adjustments lol!

I also really want the pattern below, from here

but it's about three sizes bigger than I need. Apparently it's easy to resize patterns - mmmmm but I'm not convinced, especially for a novice like myself. Any thoughts anyone?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

where do all the days go...

I'm still trying to catch up with myself this week, as I've been pretty busy...

Another bar-b-q with some friends, on a sunny Wednesday...



Dancing 'till dawn, (5.15am to be precise!) into the early hours of Friday...

early light

A trip to the climbing wall on Saturday, (I took the photos, there was no way I was fit to climb lol!)

Shopping for presents for a 60th birthday. Then the party last night for my Aunt with family and friends...


Trust me, this weekend is going to be all about taking it easy...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

in a nutshell...

Some things from the weekend...

a run

some crafting


a little sunshine


and some lazing


a bbq

bar -b q

and a homemade plum frangipane tart


recipe to follow


I would have posted this yesterday but we had a power cut yesterday evening for about 3 hours just as I was thinking of going online - grrrr! :)

Friday, 7 August 2009

polaroid love...

Following on from my last post,I forgot to say that when I was in Belgium we went to a flea market, which was fantastic.


I managed to pick up a sonar 5000 polaroid camera for 7 Euros which I was very happy about. It's pretty well loved, (for that read scratched lol!) and I don't actually know if the camera works and finding sx 70 film is proving a little tricky, as they stopped making it in 2006. I have found one place where I can get a film for £18.50 for 8 exposures - eek! I have to say I was actually considering this as a treat but the postage is £14 - yikes and it's only coming from Europe - so £32.50 for 8 exposures and I don't even know if my camera works - mmmm - I'm still pondering...

Still, there is hope in the form of the Impossible Project. A group of former workers are on a quest to produce film that can be used in vintage polaroids. They have exactly a year which ends at the end of 2009 and have signed a lease on the old polaroid factory for 10 years. The problem is that some of the components used in the film are no longer available so they are seeking experts with information The site gives a contdown and at this point in time there are 13,240,759 seconds to go...

So until then, this is the next best thing for now. I found this site called Poladroid which you can download and use to transform your photos into a polaroid style. It's cute and fun for playing around and best of all it's free!

anniversary birds-pola

sunday 8th feb 075-pola

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

life on film...

Having been inspired by the fact that the lovely Catherine and also Martina have recently bought cameras to shoot film, before I went to Belgium I was checking out Etsy and ebay to see if I could pick up something to play with. We do have an Olympus camera but it's in need of repair and hasn't been used for years.

Then I remembered that M has a camera that belonged to his father, an Agfa Silette L.

- Yay, I'd totally forgotten about this and I think it's in working order, so now I'm back I've bought some film and need to start playing!!

agfa2 copy

Not sure how I'm going to reign myself in as I'm used to taking 100's of photos not just 36! Let the love begin...