Wednesday, 12 August 2009

in a nutshell...

Some things from the weekend...

a run

some crafting


a little sunshine


and some lazing


a bbq

bar -b q

and a homemade plum frangipane tart


recipe to follow


I would have posted this yesterday but we had a power cut yesterday evening for about 3 hours just as I was thinking of going online - grrrr! :)


elk said...

jac...these are just a sweet group of life in living tell a story so well with your very magical photos!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous photos, dear! I especially love that purse shot.

Marisa said...

Is that barbecued it! I'll be watching for that recipe. Your photos are so colorful.

Christina said...

these are lovely, Jac! oh that sunshine, looks inviting. did you say a bbq? yummy!

Tracy said...

Such a scrumptious weekend in every way... I feel so hungry now--LOL! Love that little purse... :o)

stephanie said...

Those photos are wonderful! I love the shot of the grill basket. Lovely!

Martina said...

Mmmm....lovely pictures, yummy food, cute purse!! Can't believe you are getting some sunshine...still none of that over this neck of the woods! Have a lovely weekend :)

hanna said...

All so lovely. Such a sweet purse and the pillows on the lawn pics make me long for summer.

Liss said...

Looks like a fantastic way to relax and spend the weekend. That BBQ looks fantastic.