Monday, 8 June 2009

a little bit of happiness and a winner!

Hello and happy Monday! It's been a busy week and sadly the sun has stopped shining but still things could be worse!
My creation

If you're interested in a little happiness at the beginning of the week, why not head over to Soul Aperture a lovely blog that I've come across recently, belonging to the lovely Christina. Tomorrow for no reason at all, (10th June) she wants us to celebrate the things that make us happy and post them on our blogs. I know I'm in, are you?
Talking of being happy remember this post when I promised i would do a giveaway if you left me a comment. In the interest of fairness if you left more than one comment, you still only went into the draw once, (lol! but I admire your trying!) also, even though I myself left a comment, I didn't enter my own name, (though I was tempted ;)

I was going to get Sparky to draw out a name but A. as you can see, he wasn't that interested and B. his paws are a bit too furry so in the end I got M to do it. I was going to do the whole random number generator thing but I prefer the low key version myself! Drumroll please...and the winner is Hanna - yay!

So Hanna if you email me your address, I'll send you a little gift in the next week!
Oh...and an update on my Etsy shop, I've only got one thing in there at the moment, (lol!) as it has taken me so long to sort the pics of the pouches as Etsy keeps desaturating my photos when I upload -grrr so I'm trying to get a handle on that. I should finish uploading the rest of my pouches tomorrow! Here's a little sneak peek of my first item! In there as we speak!



Christina said...

This pouch is adorable! I am waiting patiently to see the rest. ; )

Your doggie is sooo cute.

See you june 10th.

Christina said...

PS: Thank you for your kind words ; )

Martina said...'re there! Hurray! Looks really looking forward to seeing your other pouches on Etsy too...all very bothersome re the images! I might just be your first customer!

hanna said...

hey! that's me! yipee!

rochambeau said...

Congrats to Hanna! Came by way of Christina.


Kath said...

I wanted to kiss that dog on the nose! There's a simple pleasure in that. Came over by way of Christina ... nice to meet you!