Friday, 4 September 2009


What to do when you fancy a biscuit but the tin is empty? Mmmmm, how about knocking up a batch of choc chip cookies? It's so long since I've made biscuits that I'd forgotten how crazily easy they are to make.

I used this recipe and the best bit, is that they only take 8 minutes to bake - yum!


biscuits wrapped

biscuits wrapped1

biscuits wrapped detail

biscuits wrapped detail1

In fact making them is quicker than going to the shop and wrapped in baking parchment they travel well, (and look cute!). Just the thing when the weather is rainy and cold outside and you want something sweet!


Liss said...

We're baking biscuits today. I hope they look as good as yours.

elk said...

a wonderful solution to the empty tin~parchment serves such a sweet purpose too.

Christina said...

Cute is right! Yum!

Catherine said...

Yum they sound good! And such gorgeous photo's as always. Baking is definitely a good way to spend a rainy day.

Tracy said...

Delicious, Stephanie... and I love the simplicity of the wrapping. I was in the kitchen making sweet delights this past weekend too. :o) Happy week ((HUGS))

Martina said...

Yum and packaging looks so cute too!