Wednesday, 2 December 2009

coming out in sympathy...

It seems ages since I last blogged. The sore throat took a lot longer to sort than expected. After a week,(I know a week!) in bed feeling rough, I went back to work last Thursday. Big mistake...after doing my best impression of the living dead that day, I crawled into bed at 5.30pm feeling worse than I had previously! A visit to the GP the next day confirmed that I now had Laryngitis and I've been off work this week feeling tired, no voice a cought etc etc.


The good news - is although my throat is not 100% sorted I feel sooooo much better - yay! and I'm back to work tomorrow.


The bad news, is that sadly my laptop has come out in sympathy with me and is on it's last legs. I've googled the problem and it pretty much looks as though any day soon my screen will die. It's flickering like crazy and has a horrible red glow on one side. I just know that some day soon I'll switch on my laptop and there will be nada - just a black screen.

Because of this laptop problem, I'm in the process of ordering an iMac. I know that this will be so much better for my photos, bigger screen, memory etc etc but I am a little scared. I've always used a PC. Any tips from those who have made the change?

Oh and if I disappear again, it probably just means my laptop has died and my Mac hasn't arrived - so bear with me!


Sara Reid said...

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Char said...

oh good luck in both the computer situation and feeling better.

Casie said...

I am a long time mac user, recent iMac purchaser. Oh my gosh, editing my photos is now a pleasure, the screen is seriously ginormous. Do not fear the Mac is intuitive, beautifully designed & things tend to crash far less than a PC.

I am hoping you are well on the road to a FULL recovery.

ELK said...

so happy you are on the mend and the colors here would cheer anyone help with the imac but it sounds exciting!!

Christina said...

Sweetheart, I am so glad you are feeling better.
I am a mac user and it is just heaven. just open the box and let it guide you. Your photos are going to love you for it!

Shell said...

Hi there! I don't think you'll find anyone that goes back to a PC after getting a Mac. They are very easy to get to grips with. Good luck! You're going to love it.

Glad you are feeling better, being ill over Christmas is rubbish.

Kim Living Life said...

i want a mac now, Australia is way behind you guys, macs hardly heard of here. googd luck with the new mac and hope your feeling better soon.

thea said...

YAY!!!! Super pleased you're better. Drink LOTS of OJ!!


Martina said...

Hi Jac!! I see you haven't been in blogland for a neither! Am just popping by to say hello and wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010! Enjoy the hols! Martina xx