Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Green delight (day 3)

It's snowing outside - just a light covering but still; I was hoping I might manage to get some outdoor greeness today but it was not to be. Instead i'm seeking my green fix indoors and thinking of comfort. I love Golden Syrup and especially the tin - even though the lid gets sticky and isn't practical at all, I still can't bring myself to buy it in the plastic bottle because it just wouldn't be the same.

There's something delightfully nostalgic about the design that just appeals to me. Treacle tart anyone?


Allison said...

Oh wow, I have some of that in my cupboard too ... I've been "saving" it. Silly, I should make some gingersnaps and enjoy it.

triplej said...

Yum... treacle tart! I love the tin too... the squeezy bottle really isn't the same.