Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More greeny goodness...(day 2)

Another busy day today, which meant that my only real chance of finding some green as part of green week was to hunt indoors again. This oil pastel was something I did about 8yrs ago when I was playing around one day and I really like the combination of colours in it, so it's been with me ever since! Every now and again I swap it around and put it somewhere new. At the moment it's sitting on a small set of drawers in my bedroom.

The drawers tend to be the place where things get swapped around, depending on my mood and available space! Tonight it's also sharing space with a scented candle and a piece of driftwood. That's the other thing I'm crazy about - quirky bits of driftwood. There's just something so lovely about finding this kind of treasure on the beach and I'm a sucker for wood anyway.


Thinking about all this green, I think it's about time to settle down with a cup of green tea, (I'm getting into the spirit of this thing now!) and go and click through all your green loveliness...

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