Friday, 3 April 2009


I've been so busy these last couple of weeks that I feel as if I might meet myself coming in the opposite direction. We've had car trouble which has meant having to walk ten minutes, get the bus, two trains and then another ten minute walk in order to get to work (which is about 35 miles away) and has been taking me 2 hours 30 minutes door to door in each direction - yawn! So long days and not much time for anything creative, although I did discover this site which has podcasts about craft which made my journey a little nicer.

It hasn't all been bad though; I turned 37yrs old last weekend, which is pretty scary considering I still feel as if I am about 23yrs old but I guess that's no bad thing! The sun shone for me which was rather lovely and made a change from the grey skies of late and amongst my cards and gifts, was a rather glamourous box of chocolates that put a smile on my face. I've never had such a pretty box of chocolates before and felt as if I should be recling on a chaise in some kind of silk affair eating chocolates. Needless to say this didn't actually happen but I felt like a grown up with my swanky gift!


Other good things that have happened this week include the reopening of the main library for our area which was badly damaged in floods, back in September. Did I mention how much I love books? Really really love books and can't imagine not reading? Well libraries are just one of my favourite places - all those books and for free - fantastic! (Unless of course you are like yours truly and sometimes forget to take them back and end up with fines but still...)


Well the library reopened on Monday and I managed to get there on Tuesday - firstly the place looks great as it has been completely redecorated/modernised but the best thing was the smell, the smell of all the new books. The whole of the downstairs was filled with new books never taken out. I don't know about you but I love library books when I'm the first person to take the book out! Well this was like all those great finds rolled into one as none of the books on the shelves had been taken out - such bliss, the difficult thing was the choice and the fact it was a very quick visit! Such small things can really make me happy, like this daffodil that my young neighbour left for me. I saw her walking up my lane carrying some flowers for her mum and stopped to say hello and commented on how pretty her flowers were, when I got back from dog walking I found this flower lying near my step and she'd even put the stalk in my water bowl for the birds - sweet!


triplej said...

Oh my goodness Jac I totally share your love of new books!! You know I work in a library... well I go crazy when the new books come in! I love it SO much! And I have to borrow them, knowing it will take me forever to get through them... but I just have to... they are new!! And Free!! although like you I am forever getting fines... and I work there!!

sherrieg said...

I am constantly at the library, and the people who work there know that when the inter-library loans come in, they're likely for me! :) And I love your daffodil pic!

Lizzie said...

i was at the grocery store the other day and they had bouquets of daffodils for $1.99, and i thought "is there anything else i could spend $1.99 on that would make me even half as happy as fresh daffodils?". obviously the answer was no, so i had to buy them. now my apartment smells like spring. best decision ever.