Saturday, 23 May 2009

this week...

There's been lots going on. Sparky went back to the vet and all is well. The vet thinks the problem with his knee joint must have come from trauma, rather than an infection. It's possible that when he was romping through the heather he ran into a rock and as he is so hardy he probably wouldn't have yelped much. So good news. He still has to go easy for the next couple of weeks when walking but he's a happy dog!

29th May/2008 - Aaaaaaaaah!!!!!

The other thing that happened this week, is that we had a viewer come to look at our house on Thursday evening, so cue lots of tidying up! It's not that we're super untidy just that we have lots of things - books, notebooks, pens, sewing stuff etc just all the things I'm using at any one time which all needed putting away!


We still haven't heard the outcome yet(and as it's a bank holiday weekend we'll probably not hear anything until next week)but on the plus side, everything is nice and tidy!

It's also rained a lot this week and one day we even had hailstones but the good side is that all the rain is good for the garden! I got some lovely lilacs from a place not far from where I live which at one time would have been a little house with a tiny garden but is now just a wild patch with no sign anyone even had a dwelling there. Funny how the reminders of the past are there in the planting...

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, we're off to see relatives for a couple of days tomorrow. No internet access sadly but I'm taking my embroidery and my camera and apparently it's 25 celcius down there, (only 15 C here!)so I'm looking forward to some sun!!


hanna said...

Cute photo of Sparky! i hope he is all better soon.
Those lilacs are so pretty. I wonder who planted them all those years ago.
We have had hail this week too - getting really cold here.
Enjoy your weekend

melissa said...

lovely sparky! glad he is feeling a bit better. hope you have a lovely weekend away in the sun. :)
p.s. i love the things you're making for your new etsy shop- they're beautiful!

Martina said...

Aw...Sparky is adorable! Good to hear he is doing well! I didn't know you were selling your house - are you moving location or just trying to find a new house in same location? Seems like you live in a wonderful area - I think I would be sad to leave somewhere like that!

stephanie said...

Your photos are wonderful. You capture things in great light! (That always makes for good photos.) Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

I love that photo of your pup! So much personality. And I'm so glad he's feeling better.

Christina said...

Oh you have a beautiful blog! So glad your puppy dog is doing well.

; )