Friday, 26 June 2009

sending you a cupcake!

Happy friday! As you can see cupcakes were finally made! I used this recipe from Dan Lepard which worked out pretty easy. (I think I may have a cupcake obsession - so it's just as well I'm doing more exercise these days! ;)


I am sending a virtual cupcake to you all, but especially to those who asked about the bread recipe I use - as it sounded so delicious. Well, a confession - I think I may have accidently 'bigged up' the sound of my bread by not explaining it was just a straightforward pumpkin SEED and sunflower SEED bread. I think not putting the word seed in, meant people thought there was actual pumpkin in there, (sadly not the case!). If anyone does want my, (not very interesting but easy ;) ) recipe, let me know and I'll post it! Enjoy the weekend!


Rachel said...

Gorgeous photo! Good enough to eat. : )

Christina said...

Sweetheart, I love cupcakes...adore them. This photo is yum! And yes, recipes please. I so want to try it.
Have a good weekend, my friend.
PS: I love, love my pouch. Did you get my email? It's so heavenly.
; )

Martina said...

Ohhhh yummy! I love cupcakes..I haven't made any in about 2 months as I am trying to lose a few pounds and when I make them I generally scoff the lot!! I wouldn't mind trying your bread too...great if you posted the recipe!

Catherine said...

Oh yum this looks so good!