Monday, 22 June 2009

sadly no cupcakes...

I had planned on making cupcakes this weekend after being smitten looking at all the gorgeous cupcake photos there are, floating around the net, but what can I say? It just didn't happen! Instead there was bread...


Pumpkin and sunflower to be precise, and no sooner was it made than it became part of a scratch lunch with cheese and olives and tomatoes, (there was also avocado but it turned out not to be ripe enough - grrr - I hate that when it happens!)

bread slices

There was also gardening, well weeding really, as the garden has started to have a mind of it's own with all the damp and warm weather. The garden also gave me the first swet peas of the summer. I wish you could smell how fragrant they are.


As you can see my approach to flower arranging is a little informal, with a few heads of grasses and even a seed head from my parsley plants to add a little something. I love, love, adding random bits of the garden to my flowers and making something unexpected pretty.
(Also I think it's nice for the rest of my garden to have a chance to take centre stage and not just the flowers lol!)


Hope your weekend was lovely whatever you got up to!


Shell said...

I had a great weekend. Now Summer is officially here, though we are swimming in rain here.
Your bread looks so good. I look forward to see the cupcake when you make it.

Christina said...

Yum! I so wish I were there to enjoy it. That would mean, I was far away on vacation. lol

Jac, these photos are so beautiful! Sigh.

stephanie said...

That bread looks amazingly tasty. (It makes me happy that it's time for breakfast.)
Where did you get the recipe? It sounds delicious.

Martina said...

Hi Jac! As usual, your photography is great - that bread looks and sounds totally yum...are you going to post the recipe?? Have a great week - hope you're enjoying this amazing weather:)

Catherine said...

That bread sounds wonderful, I bet it smelt amazing while cooking! and beautiful flowers too.

Ali said...

I just took all the flower heads off my parsley - why didn't I think to put them in a vase?

Love your garden bouquet.

hanna said...

mmm, i can just imagine the smell - of the sweetpeas AND the bread,just lovely.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Beautiful flowers and photos. So happy to have discovered your lovely blog. I'll be back!