Saturday, 25 July 2009

fifty posts and some freebies...

Yay! today is my 50th post - so I decided to cheer you up with some freebies of sorts. Thanks to Ali from Domesticali I got this cute little box through the post from Graze full of yummy goodies to, well... graze on, free of charge, (yep you heard me of charge Woo Hoo!. The bad part is that you have to be in UK to qualify, {sorry all})


I want to share the foodie love and so if you use this code 8G1N2T6 and go to then you too can get a free box of nibbles through the post and there's not even any postage! My box came with chilli almonds, black pepper cashews, a dried fruit mix called apple strudel, (which was to die for - who knew dried fruit was this delicious) and 'rock the casbah' - a nut, seed a fruit mix -yum! There are about 130 choices of nibbles and you can either choose your own or pick a nutrition pack, (mine was a post workout pack). Also if any of you do take up this offer then the kind peeps at Graze give me a discount off my next box! (double yum!)

My other freebie is really thanks to the postal service. I ordered this lovely little zine from Sprouthead from Etsy and thanks to a postal hitch, she was worried I wouldn't receive it, so sent another out.
sprouthead zine
{Such lovely drawings and the poem is sweet}

She very generously said that if both turned up I could keep them. Amazingly they did both turn up and so I emailed and said that as they were so lovely I thought someone else should benefit from her work and that I would do a giveaway on my blog. So...leave a comment, no matter how random on this post and I'll pick a name on Friday (31st) and send you the zine, (I'll also put in some other random goodies). Enjoy your weekend - I am probably sampling Belgiums finest chocolates at the moment! ;)


Christina said...

That is such a sweet deal you have going on over here! SO... this gives me a really good excuse, to move to the UK. lol
I really do wish we lived closer. We would have some girlfriend, camera fun!

elk said...

i think that you are so lucky to have received 2 of the beautiful zines...artists are that way I generous and now you are passing it on to a reader~how sweet!

Relyn said...

Pick me, pick me. Pleeeeease!!!!!

Ok, really, as much as I would love to be picked, I really did want to wish you a marvelous time in Belgium. Thinking of you. And, hoping you are taking marvelous travelogue-type pictures to share with us.

Ali said...

I've had some of that Apple Strudel too and it really was a revelation in yummyness. Glad you enjoyed yours!

And aren't Etsy sellers a shining beacon of customer service? Gorgeous zine.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweet of her too!! :)

pogm said...

Thanks for the great tip - I just signed up for Graze :-)
And those pictures look gorgeous.

hanna said...

Happy 50 posts birthday! hope you're enjoying your choccies.

Catherine said...

Happy 50th post Jac! That graze stuff looks great a perfect snack box! Keep up the great posts I love seeing your pics on here