Monday, 22 February 2010

so i should have stayed in bed...

So I had a lovely weekend. I chilled out and listened to this new cd that has just come out, pottered about, read through an old cookbook for inspiration and had a nice meal on Sunday.
Today is a different matter, I knew when the alarm went off this morning I should have rolled over and gone back to sleep. Firstly we had snowy and icy weather which meant it took me two hours to get to work, an extra half an hour. Then because I was in a rush, I ran down the escalator for my metro, only to slip on the last flat bit and fall over. I scraped my hand and knee and there's a bit of swelling, though possibly my pride was the worst thing hit! Then this afternoon I managed to cut open my knuckle on a tin can that I was kindly washing out for someone else at work - grrr.
So I went home tonight, decidedly more battered and bruised than I started out this morning...
tea and toast
toastTonight I'm going to take it easy and do nothing - well nothing that might involve any clumsy behaviour on my part; I have an ice pack, a magazine and the new Toast catalogue...Tomorrow is another day, right?


stephanie said...

You poor thing! Well, at least tomorrow kind of HAS to be better than today was.

Thanks so much for your encouragement on my creative slump. It's such a nice thing to hear from others about that type of thing. Makes me feel more "normal" and not so stressed about it.

I hope you have a relaxing evening!

ELK said...

oh jac .so sorry . you will be sore i am sure . your images with the red/orange pop to them are true art!!

Casie said...

Just one of those days... at least you've taken it upon yourself to keep safe indoors. Hope you had a nice night.

Christina said...

oh sweetie,
enjoy those magazines and some rest. toast is bound to do the trick.

SE'LAH... said...

oh no. i hope you've healed nicely.
sending a ray of sunshine your way.

one love.