Monday, 15 June 2009

running, walking and standing still...

It was one of those funny weekends where you feel as if you've been busy but haven't actually done anything!

Some things from this weekend...
A nearly, (I was about 300m short but didn't know it!) 5 k run in these lovely surroundings, (which are about 20mins drive from where I live)

valley copy
{these were taken last year, even I'm not crazy enough to take my camera on a run!}

24th August/2008 - escape...

I'm doing the Race for Life in 4 weeks time for Cancer Research so am needing to do a little training. I have to say I am not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination but it wasn't too bad on Saturday. (When I say not bad, I mean I was still able to speak afterwards even if I did look in need of medical attention - the problem with being a redhead is that I tend to go very red in the face when I exercise!)

On Sunday the weather couldn't make up its mind, one moment sunny, the next full on rain but still Sparky needed to be walked...(it got a whole lot wetter after I took this...)

over the bridge

sparky and the bridge

I also managed to catch a little time to make granola,
listen to this - (how I love her voice, so mellow and relaxing) and I'm
still reading this book...Hope you had a good one!


SE'LAH... said...

these shots are amazing.
cheering you on.
i am officially

Christina said...

you are going to do great on the run. And for such a great cause.

These pictures are seriously dreamy.
PS: If I am ever so lucky to stand in a place that beautiful... pinch me. ; )

Martina said...

Beautiful area...reminds me a little of Connemara! You are great doing that run...phew..I feel tired just thinking about something like that!

elk said...

i am always looking for a good granola recipe...this series of photos are such a inspiration today for me

Relyn said...

Such lovely images. You take wonderful photographs.

stephanie said...

What a pretty place to run! I would probably trip and fall if I was running in an area that nice.

Happy training for your run!

vchelle said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! I love the b&w photos alot... Happy training! Sending you positive energy, and stamina! LOL!

Jessica said...

Lovely photos - and I'm impressed at your athleticism!

I just checked out your lovely shop! I love my little pouch that you sent me, and I think your shop will be do great! Good luck!